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Kaidi who?

A little about me and how I came to be mentoring and coaching.

Curious to know what I did in my past life? Maybe like you, I'm a corporate escapee. I've worked since I was 16 and spent the last 20 odd years as a bank manager (yawn! Boring, but surprisingly useful in this line of work!) and worked I several years in Hotels and Pubs & Management Training.

After a few years of corporate, I felt "stuck". The monotony of commuting to work, following instructions, and being responsible - I longed for when I called all the shots and made my own schedule and rules. Then redundancy happened, and it was timed perfectly with my escape plan.

My next venture was about supporting women to reach their potential in a way I felt I had missed out. Then I started UK Coach Training and found my absolute passion. I started my own business, Synergise Coaching & Training, and someone came along and claimed the name. 

Thankfully I fell into the world of Kajabi and started creating courses! Suddenly, I found my people, calling, and passion, and four years on. I'm ready to help other corporate escapees do the same. 

Wondering what it might be like to work with me?