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Is Your Career Your Passion? 

Career Coaching for management-level employees who want to reach their potential.


A balanced life doesn’t happen overnight. Get coaching support and simple steps to guide your path to your dream job. 

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Fundamental transformation takes time, but you’re not in this alone. Take a guided journey that includes activities to recognise your strengths, align with your values and learn to navigate the job market. Take the CV course to create a CV to get you noticed.

  • Create your SOAR stories to highlight your talent
  • Thought-provoking questions to design your ideal career.
  • Get an action plan, job search blueprint to guide you through the job search maze. 


Ready to get started

All this is included in the £350 package 


Job Search Blueprint: Get moving and motivated with a blueprint to guide you.


Interview Practice to boost your confidence and get your answers prepared.


Learn to stay resilient through your job search with Resilience training and workbook.

Online Self-paced Course 

A comprehensive guide taking you step by step through creating your CV 
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A workbook 

LinkedIn is the home of the hidden job market - all you need to know from setting up to job searches & networking.
The package includes three hours of one-to-one coaching on any topic you need, from reviewing your CV to Interview practice. 
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Latest Review

What do clients say about my career coaching?

Jo Milner 

Confidence Boost 

I started my career coaching sessions feeling very unconfident about my skills and experience and being very unsure about marketing myself. I also didn't really know exactly what I wanted to do next with my life. Kaidi is very approachable, and she really helped me come out of my shell, open up to her and enable me to discuss things I initially felt uncomfortable with. She helped me realise which direction I should be heading. She gave me lots of practical help on CVs, identifying skills, interview practice etc. But most of all, she gave me confidence in myself and pride in my skills which led to early success for the next stage of my life.



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Why am I the perfect person to help you?

  • I have extensive interviewing and recruitment experience after twenty years plus as a Manager
  • Part of my current role is vetting CVs for organisations, so I have up to date knowledge on what's expected and needed to get you noticed.
  •  I work as an Operations Director of a career coaching company training coaches to deliver top-notch career coaching.
  • I am an ICF qualified professionally certified coach. 

Comprehensive Support

£375 for 3 months

Top features

  • CV Course to follow step by step at your own pace
  • Job market support live webinar 
  • Interview Guidance and Role Play practice 
  • Blueprint Guide takes you step by step from redundancy to a job you love. (Assuming you love what you do) 
  • Help with your LinkedIn profile and what you need to do to get noticed.


“If you’re looking for a methodical way to take you through a step by step process in CV writing I cannot recommend this course enough”

“ I found out how to really market myself beyond what your future employer can already ascertain from your job title; focussing on skills, responsibility and most important achievements”

“ and how to sprinkle some using keywords and ‘tone of voice’ that your prospective employer will pick up on; ensuring you stand out above the rest”

Jo Collins

Founder of Jo Collins Style 

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