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What are the benefits of using a career coach?

Working with a specialist career coach over a series of meetings can make a significant contribution to helping you achieve your career goals.

The main benefits of working with a career coach are:

  • It gives you an understanding of your strengths from a career and work perspective.
  • It helps you identify the proper role for you to follow your passion and get a position where you love what you do.
  • It helps you become clear and focused on what's next in your career.
  • Guides you to use LinkedIn(the home of the hidden job market) 
  • Providing an external perspective on you and your circumstances. 
  • It helps you implement a successful job search strategy, utilising the entire job market.
  • It helps you move forward after redundancy with mindset coaching 

Typical outcomes of successful coaching include 

  • You will move into a desired new role 45% more quickly than someone working alone.
  • You could achieve promotion within your current organisation.
  • Reduced stress and improved home life

These coaching programmes can include the following:-

  • The entire Atomic CV writing course, application forms and interview practice… will help you to get short-listed
  • Support to improve your networking Skills
  • Strategic Career Planning
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