My Story

 I'm a wife, a Mum, and a big tea drinker and I'm obsessed with helping people achieve work-life balance and success. After leaving my role as a bank manager which I did for over twenty years, I thought I was leaving money stuff behind for good, I spent four years running my own business Synergise Coaching when I decided I wanted to get back to helping entrepreneurs create a successful business. Now I run a financial well-being webinar and I love connecting the dots between my two careers.

Being your own boss is amazing - I love the hours, the flexibility, working on my terms, and helping other entrepreneurs reach their goals. My business grew and soon I was booked out, this part-time gig turned into a great career.

My immediate thought was, how do I teach this to other coaches? So here I am, wanting to teach you all the things about starting your coaching business and help you become successful


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