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This course is not just about writing a CV. It's about standing out in the right way to secure an interview.

There is a lot of essential FREE support out there, but what you will get inside the course will give you access to a professional career coach without the usual cost.
 It will help you get in the right mindset for success and prepare for your interview. 
Kaidi has worked with hundreds of clients, where their job role has been made redundant, and 99% of customers who have used this training have secured new positions.
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Are you ready to blow your competitors out of the running with a truly Atomic CV?



An easy-to-follow step-by-step masterclass with all the tools and resources you need to create your own standout CV.

Discover the SKILLS your future employer wants most so that YOU can be the solution for them. 

You only get one chance to make a first impression. We will make sure it is the best possible introduction to you! 




MODULE 1 - Laying the groundwork

To make sure you are ready and in the right mindset, we include a BONUS resilience workbook.

You will clarify for any employer that you are experienced working in your area of expertise to truly be the candidate they are looking for in a standout manner.


MODULE 2 - MASTER CV Keywords and Myths about CV’s

We will quickly design your job search strategy and make sure you are positioned for maximum impact. 

Learn how to clearly communicate exactly what you can do in a way that inspires a recruiter to add you to the "YES" pile. 


MODULE 3 - Master CV & Types of CV’s, Tailoring your CV

Your master CV holds all your information, so it's easily adapted to individual job applications.

We show you the different types of CV's and which one is appropriate to use and when.


MODULE 4 - CV Headings

Learn exactly which pieces of information to pull out of your overall experience 

Include all the necessary keywords to avoid the "NO" pile.


MODULE 5 - Your Skills

We deep dive into exactly what you need to say. A skills template is included to inspire you.

We walk you through the skills template to easily build your own highly relevant skills list.  


MODULE 6 - Professional Experience.

A common reason why a CV might not stand out is that the work experience description only describes your job (which can be surmised from the job title).

We share the type of verbs and adjectives you need to use to describe your work experience.


MODULE 7 - Accomplishment stories: In this module, we go DEEP into all you need to know to successfully create and optimise your stories.

We teach you everything you need to know about the situation, objective or obstacle, action and results (SOAR stories). These demonstrate to a future employer what you can do based on past performance. 


MODULE 8 - Education. 

In this module, we look at how you can describe your education to enhance your application.  

Review what continuous professional development to include in this section.


MODULE 9 - Additional Information section.  

What to include and what you can leave out to be succinct. 


MODULE 10 - Profile Summary

To ensure that you have every chance of success with the value-packed course, we pull out all the stops for this section.

Helping you to grow your brand, get yourself noticed by Influential people faster.


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We call it an atomic CV for a reason because we want to rocket your career.

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In this online course, you will learn practical knowledge you only get working with a careers advisor. 


Hi, I am Kaidi Bowen, Operations Director of an outplacement service. Senior Careers Advisor, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and member of the ICF - International Coaching Federation.

With just over 500 hours of career coaching, I have built this course to help those who can't afford a coach or prefer to work at their own pace. 

Any questions, reach out to me at [email protected]



Job Search Workbook

An essential document including a complete plan of action for your job search. Designed to complement the CV course.

The workbook includes 14 pages of hints and tips for success, including LinkedIn, the job market, letter writing, and application forms.


Resilience Workbook

After being made redundant or after the significant change, my clients are often not in a great mindset to start writing their CV,

The first module is dedicated to getting you in the best frame of mind to write a successful document.