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Kaidi who?

 I looked behind the scenes at the path I took and my choices to kickstart my coaching business and come up with these three 15 min videos to save you the same pain.

I spent several years trying to create a business that would work around my life and fill me with passion and satisfaction. I built a prosperous business and ditched the day job for good!

There are unlimited opportunities in an exploding coaching industry with more and more people taking their business online.

There is no shortage of work available, but some coaches get stuck. I have noticed it seems to be coaches who do coaching for everyone and nothing else to attract their tribe. 

Our strengths get carried forward from our previous careers and make us who we are leading us to success and attracting our clients because we understand their pain points. 

  I have put together this video series on the area I wish I had known when I started. I hope it helps you Kickstart your business.