Are you ready to master your CHEMISTRY SESSIONS?

Increase your conversion rate and help more customers who need your services.  



Follow these tips in this five-minute read, and you are on your way to helping more clients. 

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What you'll find inside 

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A winning sales structure for your call

You know you are fantastic coach and it can be so frustrating when you have chemistry calls and the client is your exact tribe, you 100% know you can help but they don't come back to you. This guide will help.

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How to ensure you lead the conversation 

Taking control of the conversation is essential to demonstrate your expertise and professionalism. 

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Ensuring you demonstrate Coaching. 

Your potential client wants to experience what it's like working with you, so show them. I give you a structure that works. 

PLUS, you will get access to my Three Free Videos mini-training video for FREE 

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Placeholder Image12 ways to tame your fear to prevent you from holding your business back 

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Who is Kaidi?

Kaidi is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and PCC With over thirty years of experience managing, coaching and developing teams.

Kaidi set up her own coaching business in 2018, Synergise Coaching & Training.

After achieving her financial goals in her first year, Kaidi left her role as a Bank Manager.

After gaining operational experience working as an Operations Director of an established Leadership & Career Coaching company, she started her own Company, "Leaders, with Nails Ltd." 

She lives by the sea in Cornwall and works online from her "Passion Space", an office in her garden.



Follow these ten simple, highly effective steps to get more clients from your chemistry sesiosns 

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