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All you need to start coaching in the workplace.


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Knowing how to coach staff is a must-have tool to elevate leaders' performance.

Watch the video below, where I share my story, discovering how coaching can transform your leadership.

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Here's what you can expect from this on-demand course.

  • Recognising opportunities to build your team's knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence.
  • How to use the coaching process to enhance one-to-one performance reviews
  • How to give effective feedback and have courageous conversations.
  • What are limiting beliefs, and how to coach through them effectively?
  • What preparation is required before you have coaching conversations with your staff
    Use the T GROW coaching process to conduct coaching for your team members.

The benefits to a Manager are vast

5 ways new managers benefit from coaching and mentoring
  • Better management skills. Coaching and mentoring provide opportunities to develop and hone specific skill sets that are essential to being a good manager.
  • Improved productivity and performance in their teams 
  • Increased confidence tackling courageous conversations
  • Heightened self-awareness. listening, questioning skills
  • Greater wellbeing, fewer groundhog days and less stress.
  • Easier to delegate and trust individuals who are being coached.

Organisational Benefits of Coaching


Coaching benefits to the Organisation - why enrol your Managers?

  • Create a commitment to developing potential and talent through the Organisation.
  • Improve organisational performance.
  • Increase speed of learning, creativity, and knowledge sharing.
  • Motivate and engage staff.
  • Improve staff engagement by creating a coaching culture.
  • Improve staff engagement survey results.
  • Retain quality staff by ensuring they are valued and challenged.

Benefits for the team.

Benefits of Coaching for Teams

  •  As a rule of thumb, less than 10% of the team reach their capability without being coached. 
  • Coaching assists in developing trust, building relationships with each other, behaviours that eventually lead to high performance.
  • Results are delivered where goals are set and coaching keeps everyone accountable.
  • Coaching facilitates a team bond and common ground for openness, honesty and change.
  • Teams can achieve outstanding performance improvements.
  • Coaching creates a unique culture of mutual respect and commitment between team members and allows new ways of working, creativity, and talent to shine through.

Take Action Today

There is no doubt that coaching is the most practical skill I have learned to enhance my leadership. 

But there is no need to take my word for it. Coaching was voted the NO1 leadership skill by Google


How this program is going to boost your leadership 

  • Improve your people skills and develop a more powerful leadership brand.
  • Empower your teams emotional IQ to solve their problems and spark their creativity.
  • Facilitate change by helping people to break their habits of unhelpful behaviour and limiting beliefs.
  • Establish rapport with others by communicating in a way that establishes trust.
  • Develop the self-awareness integral to leading by coaching instead of telling. 
  • You will help team members solve their problems and identify new growth opportunities.
  • A coaching method that inspires change rather than just imparting information.

This is an essential guide for all people managers on how to empower their team through coaching.

We will deep dive into the skills needed to coach effectively and provide valuable hints, tips and practical examples of coaching.

This course has a workbook to complete to achieve your certificate.

It is predominantly video with lectures by Kaidi Bowen, an experienced and qualified coach, manager and trainer.

The training is a combination of presentations, handouts and resources to support delegates learning. 

We also run a Friday practice club where delegates can come and have supervised triad practice sessions.

The course has 7 hours of video learning, reading, and exercises usually presented face to face over two days. 

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Here’s what you’re about to learn

We’ll start by looking at the Definitions of coaching. We’ll look at some coaching concepts and how coaching differs from training, counselling and mentoring.

We will consider the pre-conceptions of coaching and how to prepare.

We’ll then look at Management coaching and learn how managers in the workplace apply coaching.

We’ll look at the Psychology of coaching and why coaching has such a motivational impact on colleagues.

Then we’ll consider how to break negative belief cycles. How to overcome negative thoughts and create positive behaviours and attitudes.

Ultimately, we want to raise awareness and responsibility in our colleagues to become engaged, empowered and embrace accountability.

We will then look at the TGROW Model and the core skills of coaching, and the practical models available to actual coach colleagues.

Finally, we will have live practice on zoom to ensure you are fully confident before coaching your team for the first time. 


Who this course is for:

This Coaching for Manager's Course is for all managers and team leaders or those who want to move into a management position.
It is also an excellent top-up for coaches who have studied life coaching and want to work in corporate coaching.

Consider, what is the cost to your career of not learning to coach?

There are so many benefits in return for two days of training, can you afford not to sign up now? The course fee could be covered by your employer. Download the brochure now  

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