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If you want to be a better leader, working with a coach and mentor is the way to fast-track your success.

You know you are ready for the next promotion, but you keep being overlooked. By tapping into Kaidi's decades of experience, you get leadership mentoring and coaching support that's personalised for your needs and budget.

Kaidi is an award-winning manager and leadership trainer, having gained the most valuable insights on what does (or doesn't) work.

A 'playing big" facilitator with a specialised suite of tools for individuals designed to give you the ultimate competitive advantage and head start in your career. 



Starting your own coaching business? 

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Thinking of becoming your own boss is exciting, but daunting, Starting a business and pursuing your passion, while gaining the freedom to work on your own terms, is more than just a dream.

Running your own business can be frightening and overwhelming, lonely even. You'll be faced with important decisions every day. This will require you to think outside-the-box in order to achieve success. Asking for help is never easy - this is why coaching is crucial.

A coach is not just someone who helps you get to the finish line, but more importantly, they help you leap over the hurdles and pitfalls that await on the journey. A coach/mentor will help you avoid the pitfalls and maximise your success. We're here for you! We'll hold you accountable and champion you all the way.

I am a CPCC and PCC coach and use the co-active model in my coaching, ideally placing me as your support partner through certification. 


You Unlimited Coaching Package   

If you are a woman and want to get ahead in your career, or you know you are playing small in business and want to grow to your full capability - this is for you! 

I am a "Playing Big" facilitator. I will explore the many tools available to enhance your performance, step out of your comfort zone, overcome your fears and reach your potential. 

I am a CPCC and PCC coach and use the co-active model in my coaching, ideally placing me as your support partner to lead authentically and create the life you want.


Explore the "You Unlimited" Program

Confidence Training Program

Join My Free Confidence Challenge 


You have nothing to lose and confidence to gain.  

This is a 30-day challenge program based on neuroplasticity, where you re-program your mind to regain your confidence and boost your confident mindset. 

To maintain your new confidence it also includes a 30-day confident mindset journaling challenge and a 2022 calendar.

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Confidence Bundle

Have you ever felt like you weren't confident enough? Like you wish you were invisible? Our Confidence Bundle will give you the confidence to push past your obstacles and succeed in business. These tools will help you become the best version of yourself.

With so many opportunities in the world, why do so many people live "safe choices" lives?

Many of us confront moments of vulnerability and uncertainty, but our natural reaction is to look the other way. We freeze. This leads to many missed opportunities in life, love, happiness, and more. You deserve more than that. You deserve to live a life full of confidence and courage. This bundle of tools will enable you to build self-confidence through neuroscience and coaching techniques proven to work.

This program is designed to encourage and inspire you, help you realise just how incredible you are, and give you the tools to start believing in yourself.

Losing confidence in oneself is not uncommon. We are here to help you to regain it. With our bundle, you can take the steps needed to rebuild your confidence. It includes videos, activity worksheets and quick guides to enhance your confidence.

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All The Tools You Need To Learn to Coach 

From enhancing the skills needed to coach to developing your teams and introducing coaching, we cover it all on this self-paced coaching course.

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Life Coaching

Create a more balanced life

Having a coach gives you access to perspectives and support beyond your friends and family. As your coach, I will champion you, provide objectivity, insight, wisdom and non-judgemental support. Above all, I will be your accountability partner to keep you progressing towards your goals.

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